Beer Beer is the staple of any bar, the life blood. It’s likely you will be selling this more than anything else. Therefore you’ll need to be quite familiar with beer. Beer is made by taking water, a grain (usually malted barley) and hops and mixing them together to
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The Fast Straining Method

           Straining cocktails is an essential part of being a bartender. Having the proper strainers on hand is crucial for serving cocktails up. Typically you’ll be using two popular tools for straining- The Hawthorne strainer
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What Does It Take to Be a Bartender?

What does it take to be a bartender? Being a bartender can be a difficult job at times. But despite its difficulties it can be very rewarding as well. Many people interested in becoming a bartender wonder if they have what it takes to bartend. Most skills that bartenders posses
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strawberry daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri

Nothing beats the summer heat like a perfect Strawberry Daiquiri. The Daiquiri is actually a family of cocktails with the ingredients of rum, citrus, and some kind of sweetener or sugar. Daiquiris originate in Cuba but were originally made by an American named Jennings Cox. Today
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